Chipmakers helping to give computers a visual cortex

Source: CNET (Stephen Shankland)

(Vivante), Qualcomm, Broadcom, Samsung, and others are working at the Khronos Group to standardize some nuts and bolts of machine vision. That should let programmers tap into the technology more easily.

(Vivante), Samsung, Qualcomm, ARM, Broadcom, and a bunch of other technology companies want your computer to see.

To that end, they banded together at the Khronos Group to try to standardize some elements of machine vision technology. It’s the kind of thing that could make it easier to write an augmented reality app for a mobile phone or sign-recognition software for an autonomous car, for example, because difficult low-level technology would be taken care of.

Machine vision combines data from image sensors with technology to make sense of what a computer is seeing. A new standard called OpenVX is geared to make it easier for software to tap into some of those machine-vision functions.

OpenVX member companies:

OpenVX Companies

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