Vivante GC7000 comes in 2014

Source: Fuad Abazonic, Fudzilla

We spent a fair amount of time chatting with Frido Garritsen who is the chief architect at Vivante Corporation as we wanted to learn a bit more about the upcoming GC 7000 Vega-based GPU. The idea came after the news that chip that will show include of SoCs in 2014, the GC 6400 can beat Tegra 4 and Adreno 330 in most benchmarks. You can read that part here.

Vivante GPUs have made it to the Chromecast and a few other interesting devices that delivered solid volumes, earning Vivante a 10-percent market share in the mobile GPU space. The company is now working on a new GPU called the GC 7000 and it should be ready in 2014. GC 7000 has two times as many shaders as the GC 6400, up from 16 to 32 in the GC 7000, promising a huge performance increase. This is a 28nm design that definitely leaves Adreno 330, Tegra 4, and Mali T628 in the dust as it tends to run much faster.

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