Vivante puts out an OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU in less than 1mm^2

Source: Charlie Demerjian, SemiAccurate

Since the term cloud isn’t getting much attention anymore it is time to move to the Internet of Things and Vivante is right there for it. In fact they have a solution called IoTGC 400, a full GPU in less than 1mm^2 of silicon.

The idea for the Internet of Things (IoT) is simple, put sensors and a bit of compute power everywhere and tie it in to the Internet. In theory this will allow for all sorts of wonderful things and incalculable efficiencies. In practice it is a good way to fill a fab with promise and test curious vendor battery life claims. Like cloud before it, IoT has some very solid use cases and a lot more that seem intertwined with what a vendor is trying to sell you.

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